Dan Talbot

After coaching track & field and cross country and teaching physical education at Bryn Mawr College for sixteen years, I moved to Boston to help Jenny run Talbots' Creative Gardening. Having grown up with plants, worked for two different nurseries and a landscaper, and done freelance gardening on my own, it was a natural fit, and the planning and organizational skills I learned from coaching and teaching have helped with the transition and with learning how to run a small business.  I am passionate about learning, sharing knowledge, creating, and the pursuit of excellence.  

Fields of interest include plants and gardening, horticulture, nature, physical, mental and emotional fitness (including mindfulness and meditation), and photography, among others.  I have attended Master Gardener classes in Pennsylvania, numerous talks, seminars, and classes related to nature, horticulture, and gardening, and this past spring completed an Accreditation in Organic Land Care (AOLCP) through the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

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